13 Podcasts All 20-Somethings Should Listen To

If you don’t already listen to podcasts, it is about time you start. There are so many great podcasts around, and you can learn nearly everything from them. It is a way to clear your head and relax, while still being exposed to new ideas and information.

It can be quite difficult to find good podcasts, with there being so many out there. The podcasts you listen to will also depend on your interests and your age, and for 20 somethings, you might feel like there are limited options.

To help you find some amazing podcasts covering varying topics, here are some of the best for 20 somethings to start listening to!

Best Podcasts For 20-Somethings

Katie Couric Podcast

Katie Couric is a media icon, and along with co-host Brian Goldsmith, her podcast covers current events in news and pop culture, but in a meaningful and entertaining way.

The Katie Couric Podcast includes interviews with notable names such as Alec Baldwin and Martha Stewart, so there is a bit of entertainment for everyone.

It is a great podcast if you are looking for a fun, easy listen.

Wall Street Journal’s Secrets of Wealthy Women

Your 20’s are spent trying to set yourself up for the rest of your life, while still trying to have fun.

The Wall Street Journal’s Secrets of Wealthy Women is an amazing podcast hosted by Victoria Dagher, who interviews some incredibly successful women such as Katia Beauchamp from Birchbox and Gloria Steinem, a political activist.

This is a great podcast if you are looking for motivation and advice on how to make the most of your 20’s when it comes to your career.

My Favorite Murder

True crime podcasts are in at the moment, and for good reason, they are so difficult to turn off!

My Favorite Murder is one of the best true crime podcasts around, and it is a great mix of crime and comedy. It is an incredibly entertaining podcast that you can sit and listen to for ages, no matter what you are doing.

The podcast is hosted by Karen and Georgia, and they have a live show and book if you love the podcast and want more.

The New York Times’ Dear Sugars

You can never have enough life advice in your 20’s.

The New York Times’ Dear Sugars offers up some real, life-changing advice, and tackles some tough questions and life lessons that every 20 something needs to hear.

The information in the podcast is put across in a calming, reassuring and relaxing way. Writers Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed have invaluable wisdom to share.

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Science Vs

This is possibly one of the most interesting podcasts around.

Each episode, the host Wendy Zukerman takes on a hot topic and helps work through it with scientific facts to help you form your own informed decision.

Topics covered include whether essential oils can cure a migraine, and whether 7-minute workouts are effective or not.

Self Service with Jerico Mandybur

Self-care is being recognized more as being really important in today’s busy climate.

The Self Service podcast, run by Jerico Mandybur of Girlboss Media, will give you the best on all things self-care.  

The podcast helps to educate listeners on different forms of self-care, including tips on meditation, the latest horoscopes, and all about tarot card readings.

Food Psych Podcast

The Food Psych Podcast is a must for women in their 20’s.

Host Christy Harrison works to breakdown women’s relationships with food, body image, size acceptance, and other body and food issues.

She opens up and reveals her own eating problems, and gives sound advice on how to improve your relationship with food.

She does a great job at calling out fad diets, and instead gives sound advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with food and your own body.

NPR’s Fresh Air

Keep on top of current events with NPR’s Fresh Air podcast. Terry Gross hosts the show and has an incredible voice to listen along to.

She breaks down current events in an easy-to-understand way and helps you digest the latest news and happenings.

Her calming voice helps you mellow out when stressed, but she still provides you with meaningful and important content.

Ali On The Run

For those who are heavily involved in running, and those who are just starting out, Ali On The Run is a great resource for athletes.

Ali Feller interviews everyday runners, marathoners, and entrepreneurs in the running scene.

She talks about life lessons through running, and how to better yourself as well.

Monocycle with Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine, who is the founder of ManRepeller, hosts Monocycle, which in a way is her personal diary.

She speaks about her anxieties, and different narratives in a way that is raw and very relatable.

The podcast, while full of down-to-earth and real content, is still great to keep playing in the background, when you want some noise to fill the silence when doing chores or when you are studying.

Optimal Living Daily

This short and sweet podcast is great to listen to between walking to classes and doing the dishes. The host, Justin Malik, talks about different personal development topics, but shortly and sweetly. He gets to the point while motivating you to tackle your own personal development issues.

Being Boss

Being Boss is a popular podcast that helps entrepreneurs better their business, no matter where they are in life or business.

There is a wide range of topics covered, such as marketing techniques and successful business habits.

It will help entrepreneurs figure out how to boost their income, and how to make changes to their business for the better.

Off The Vine

Kaitlyn Bristowe, a recognized bachelorette, runs the funny and feel-good Off The Vine podcast. It is ideal for 20 somethings to listen to when they need a distraction.

She covers topics on pop-culture, the Bachelor, real-life advice and funny stories in a very unfiltered way. She really knows how to create relatable and entertaining content.

This podcast is great to listen to when you are busy studying or doing some housework.

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Looking for a new podcast to listen to? These podcasts are THE BEST for 20-something woman. Podcasts every girl NEEDS to listen to. Podcasts that cover online business, marketing strategies, millennial life, personal development, entertainment and more. #podcaststips #girlboss
Looking for a new podcast to listen to? These podcasts are THE BEST for 20-something woman. Podcasts every girl NEEDS to listen to. Podcasts that cover online business, marketing strategies, millennial life, personal development, entertainment and more. #podcaststips #girlboss

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