10 Ideas For Throwing An Amazing Friendsgiving

This post is all about Friendsgiving Party Ideas

Friendsgiving has to be one of my favorite faux-holidays (right after Galentines Day, any Parks and Rec viewers here?!) because it combines two of my favorite things: Food & Friends!

I have gotten into the habit of throwing a Friendsgiving party the last couple of years and all my friends LOVE it.

However, some ideas have been better than others, and after a couple of years of trial and error, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of exactly what makes a Friendsgiving party memorable.I have included my absolute best tips and tricks for an amazing Friendsgiving celebrations that all your friends will love…​

When To Host Friendsgiving?

There really isn’t a specific Friendsgiving date! I usually like to do it the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving or the Saturday. Some people prefer to do it the Friday after Thanksgiving, but i like giving a little breather between the first feast and Black Friday for my get-together.

But there really are no rules! You can just as easily host Friendsgiving November 12th and thats totally valid! Especially if your friends fly home for the Holidays and it’s the only time you’ll all be together.


Best Friendsgiving Party Ideas

Assign Everyone A Dish

The first Friendsgiving I threw, my roommate and I tried to do it all ourselves. It was overwhelming and stressful to say the least. By the time the guests arrived, we were exhausted and just wanted a nap.

The key to a successful (and stress-free) Friendsgiving is delegating! Don’t be shy about asking people to bring something.

Remember, the Turkey goes to the host and sides go to the guest!

If you aren’t specific with the dishes, you’re likely to end up with four different pumpkin pies and an enormous amount of liquor.


Use Disposable Cutlery

Like with cookie, you won’t want to spend your night (or following morning) doing enormous amounts of dishes.

Opt for cute and festive disposable dishes so all you have to focus on is having a good time!

Thankful and Blessed Plates // Elegant Silverware Set


Send Out Invitations

Nowadays, all our invites come via text message or DM’s. Make your Friendsgiving stand out from the very beginning with a personal card sent out to all your guests.It’s a little detail that’s sure to wow them!Plus it creates anticipation for the event as many people put them up on their fridge or wall.

Wondering The Proper Wording for a Friendsgiving Invitation?

Figuring out the correct Friendsgiving invite wording isn’t difficult! Just remember, they’re your friends and it shouldn’t be so stressful.

There are plenty of cute and clever ways to word an invitation (if you decide hand-make them yourself)

Some of my favorites are:

  1. Keep Calm and Gobble On
  2. Get Your Fat Pants Ready!
  3. Eat Drink and Be Thankful

Or you can keep it simple with “You’re Invited To Friendsgiving!” or “We’re Thankful for Good Friends Like You! Join us for a Friendsgiving Feast & Celebration.

Then just include the time and date of the invitation, and let them know if it’s a potluck or if simply their presence is requested. Easy-peasy.


Have A Photo Booth Area

No matter how old we get, all my friends LOVE the photo booth area I set up.

It’s a fun and budget-friendly way to get some laughs and memorable pics taken. You just need a neutral wall, couple of props, and a banner to pull this off.

Even if the pics aren’t insta-worthy, they are a blast to take and a great reminder of a fun evening.


Get A Banner

An easy and budget-friendly way to decorate for Friednsgiving is with banners!

You don’t have to go over the top with your decorations, especially since it can get price-y for a one-time event.

But most banners are under $20 and are a great addition to your photobooth backdrop!

Let’s Get Basted Banner // Pink Friendsgiving Banner // Get Your Pie On Banner


Play A Drinking Game

I love a good drinking game! Parties that have at least one drinking game are always better than those that don’t (it’s a scientific fact, don’t look it up).

So I always make sure to have a couple of drinking games on hand to get things going. It could be something as simple as flip cup which only requires plastic cups, or more elaborate games like drunk jenga.

Also, the card game ‘This Cards Will Get You Drunk’ does exactly what it promises and is sure to get a lot of laughs.

These two are my favorite Friendsgiving games to play!

These Cards Will Get You Drunk // Drinking Game Jenga


Get Crafty

You don’t have to be in grade school to enjoy crafts!

I like to have a little ‘craft’ area at parties where people can make little festive decorations to hang up or take home.

Spark your inner child and have everyone decorate their own turkey!


Set Up A Buffet

The best thing you can do is simply announce the food is ready and have the guests serve themselves buffet style!

Although it may be ‘classier’ to put everything on the table and take turns serving, it will be a lot easier and better for everyone to just be able to get what they want from the buffet table.


Use Name Cards

The little details are what truly makes an event stand out!

Name cards can vary greatly in terms if pricing, but you can always DIY it if you want to stay inside your budget.

White Name Cards (100 pk) // Rustic Wood Place Holder


Create A Signature Cocktail

Instead of worrying about having every liquor and mixer known to man, focus on one signature drink of the night, perhaps a hard apple cider mule.

You can just make the drink in bulk and not worry about being bartender the entire night.

Of course, friends can (and are welcome) to bring their drink of choice, but I always make sure to let them know what’s on the menu in case they want to pick up anything specific beforehand.


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