10 Ways To Make Pins Go Viral

Pinterest is an amazing tool to use to push traffic towards your blog, and figuring out the best way to make your pins go viral will be such an advantage to your website.

What you must first understand is that there is no 100% proven method to make a pin go viral, but there are certain things to do that can increase your chances of having a pin go viral. It comes down to hard work, some luck, and following the below tips!

How To Make Pins Go Viral

Choose The Right Images

Pinterest is a very visual site, so you need to ensure that you choose the right images to pin.

Quality content is so important, and your Pinterest picture is what people see straight away.

People will be drawn to your site, and want to re-pin your image if it is attractive. Plus, you only have a split second to get someones attention on Pinterest before they scroll past you..

Here are some tip on creating an attractive, pinnable image:

  • You should include the post title and your blog URL on the bottom of the image. There are some great free photo editors that you can use to edit your pictures like PicMonkey or Canva.
  • The image you post should be vertical. Vertical images look really great on Pinterest. Do not go any larger than 100px wide and 800px high.
  • Try to use a catchy title in your image. People are more drawn to attractive, attention-grabbing titles, and the right title can make a huge difference.
  • Actually use real photos. Avoid using plain backgrounds with text.
  • Use visually appealing colors. Lighter colors such as light blue, yellow, or pink work better than dark colors.

Include A “Pin It” Button On Your Blog

This is such a simple step, and many new bloggers tend to miss it!

You might have missed out on many pin opportunities by not having a ‘pin it’ button on your site, but willing readers who want to share. In order for your pin to go viral, you need to make your content easy to share.

Just add a Pinterest share button to the bottom of each of your posts and encourage your readers to share the post.

Time Your Pins

Pins have a shelf life, and when a pin is posted, depending on the algorithm (and how pinners interact with it) will determine whether it’s a star or a dud. 

While this means that the window of opportunity on a new pin is short, your pins will still be visible on your board, and visitors to your page might still re-pin them from there.

However, you will definitely have a better chance of your pin going viral if it is picked up by more people within the 48 to 72 hours it is posted. There is no best time to post a new pin, but I like to keep it between 6 AM and 6 PM Eastern time.

You can look for traffic stats on your own blog to see when traffic is busiest, and use this information to decide when to pin your image as what works for some might not work for others.

Don’t Stop Re-Pinning

You need to make sure that you are pinning your content multiple times.

There is no point in pinning an image once and never visiting it again. You should pin your post to a few boards where it fits. Try and find as many boards as possible to pin the image onto.

Do not spam your pin every day, but go back every week or two to pin the post again.

Add Pins To Group Boards

Find a group board related to your pin and ask to be included. Group boards offer a great way to share your pins and increase your chance of the pins being shared.

Most group boards have rules when you join, so read over these to ensure that you do not break any of them.

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about how relevant group boards are. Personally, I still use (and love!) group boards!

However, they should be a way of getting new eye-balls on your pin and not your main focus. Your personal boards will always be more important than group boards, but don’t neglect either one. 

Come Up With Fresh Content

So many of the same images are shared on Pinterest, so followers will love new content.

Post interesting, original content

Take chances, you might just start a new trend! The more interesting your pin, the more re-pins you will get, and the more visitors you will have to your blog.

While it may be tough, pin new content as often as possible to increase your chances of going viral.

Make Use Of Alt Text

Always remember to use descriptive text in the images alt text! 

As a pin is pinned by a Pinterest user, Pinterest pulls the images alt text and uses that as the description.

By using descriptive text and actually filling in the alt text, you are controlling the text that goes into the pin’s description box.

Give Your Followers What They Want

You are able to see what your visitors are re-pinning from your site by checking your site’s source page on Pinterest.

By being able to check the source page, you can see what pins users are interested in, and then you can create content similar to that.

This is such a powerful tool to use. It gives you insight into what people want, and the opportunity to create more for them! The more pins they love, the more visits your site will get.

Share Other Bloggers Pins

Pinterest is a site meant to SHARE ideas, not just your own.

Pinterest is here for other bloggers as well, and you should re-pin their content if it fits your niche.

Finding high-quality pins that are in your niche and correspond to you personal boards is a great way to collaborate on the site with fellow bloggers while also boasting your own pins and traffic.

Work On Building Your Platform

You cannot just rely on a pin here and there to build a great platform. You need to put in some hard work to ensure you receive huge traffic from Pinterest. Some ways to build your account are:

  • By pinning every day, preferably at peak hours when your pins won’t get lost in new.
  • Following other pinners. Sort by ‘popular’ or ‘everything’ in the navigation bar, and pin any interesting finds. You would want others to do the same for you and this shows Pinterest you’re active and not a robot!
  • Cross-post your pins to Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest has some built-in social media tools to help with easy sharing between the sites. This is such a convenient way to build content across all of your sites.

Don’t forget to pin, like, and share me!

Trying to get traffic on Pinterest can be confusing as a new blogger! But it doesn’t have to be. Creating viral pins can be very simple once you get the hang of it. Create beautiful Pinterest images and optimize your Pinterest strategy with SEO. #PinterestSEO #PinterestForBeginners #NewBloggerTips #BloggingForBeginners
Trying to get traffic on Pinterest can be confusing as a new blogger! But it doesn’t have to be. Creating viral pins can be very simple once you get the hang of it. Create beautiful Pinterest images and optimize your Pinterest strategy with SEO. #PinterestSEO #PinterestForBeginners #NewBloggerTips #BloggingForBeginners

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