7 Things You Can Do to Have The Most Productive Week Ever

How many things do you have to do for the next week? Do you think you will be able to make it through it all? I mean, weekdays can be disastrous if we don’t prepare ourselves for it. But, lucky for you, there are ways to be productive without losing your hair in desperation. I am going to offer you my seven little secrets to do on Sundays to have the most productive week ever!


Learn to carry an agenda with you.


I remember in grade school we would always get these litte free planners and I never used. Although I loved the idea of an agenda, I never found one that worked for me. And I didn’t like carrying these big books with me everywhere. My purse already weighs a ton and it just seemed unnecessary.  My whole perspective changed when I got my first paying job: I actually had to organize myself to comply with all the tasks this job demanded, and it was in this moment when I realized agendas actually do work.

Carrying an agenda with you will make you feel like you have a personal assistant (without having to pay thousands, and thousands of dollars for one.) Also, there are different types of agendas and organizers; there are so many, you’ll probably feel confused about which one to buy (This has happened to me million times!) So, yes, the very first thing you can do on a Sunday to have a productive week is buying an organizer for you, but don’t forget something: you actually have to use it! To fill up your new personal assistant you will have to know how to make plans for the week.

Note: You don’t actually have to go out and buy a agenda, a bullet journal is an amazing little task organizer that you can create from any blank notebook. It’s the only form of planner/agenda I have ever been able to use consistently. More on starting a bullet journal here.


Make plans for the week.


Grab your planner, sit down, and start writing. Making plans for the whole week is one of the best things you can do on Sundays to have a productive week. First, you must write down what are your responsibilities: do you have to go to school? Do you have to work? Do you have to spend time with your friends and family?


Second you have to establish in which days are you going to do these different things. For example: on Monday you have to go to school and later go to work. So, you’ll go to school from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm, and later you’ll work from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Done! Now you have established the date and time of each activity.


Third, which are the different tasks you have to do for school and work? You have to write down this too. For example: for school, you have to go to deliver few papers and go to Economics class, and for work, you will have to do a presentation. Do you see how everything looks much clearer by doing this?


Become the manager of your life! Set deadlines for yourself.


Prepare a menu for the week.


This step will take a big weight out of your shoulders (and belly.) Thinking about what do you want to eat and preparing the food takes so much time out of our weeks. Besides, we always end up eating junk food because we don’t have sufficient time to eat healthily, and how does this story end? Us, with a huge belly and poor health.


Have you tried to do a menu for the week? Knowing what are you going to eat every day makes your life so much easier. Besides knowing, you can actually do a meal-prep on Sundays! Chop the vegetables and potatoes, separate the amount of rice you will need, put the proteins in Ziploc bags that have each day of the week on them. Also! Try to go to the supermarket on Sundays, this way you will have everything you need for the week.


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Do the laundry.


Productive weeks are nothing if you don’t have clean clothes to wear.


Doing the laundry on Sundays will help you to have all the clean clothes you need for every day of the week. So, take all those dirty clothes and underwear, take them to the laundry room, and let the washing and drying machine do the rest.

Also, decide which clothes you’ll most likely wear each day, depending on the plans you have.

Planning your outfits ahead of time will save you so much time in the AM.


Clean your apartment.


Besides making you feel like you’re in heaven, cleaning your apartment at least once a week gives you a lot of time for the other days. Try to do a deep cleaning in your house: clean the floors and cabinets, change the sheets, reorder the furniture. Go completely feng-shui on your place!


Do you want to know something else? It has been proven that cleaning your apartment declutters your mind and makes you feel less stressed. So get that vacuum out!


Learn how to say “no” to some plans.


It has been hard for me to completely apply this advice in my life. I don’t like to be the person that says “no” to their friends, but I had to understand that to accomplish my personal plans for the week, I must say “no” to other plans, especially the ones I (really, really) don’t want to do.


Have your personal plans figured out for the week, ask your friends if they’re planning on doing something and put those plans on your agenda. We all know sometimes our friends can change their schedule, but if their new plan collides with the one you already had, you can say no. Learning how to say the word is beneficial for you.



Take some well-deserved “me time.”


Not all Sundays are for a complete week preparation, some Sundays are for relaxing and taking some “me” time. This tool that also makes you feel productive.

What do you like to do for relaxing? Try to watch a movie or a TV show, make an indulgent dinner, or spend the day reading. Doing these things help you to recharge your batteries and be more mentally ready for the week ahead. If you don’t enjoy spending the whole Sunday relaxing, then try to achieve some of the tasks explained before and later reward yourself with a treat, whether that is a massage or an ice-cream cone. Remember, your body and mind need rest to be productive.


What do you do Sunday to prepare for the week ahead? Let me know if you have applied any of these and how they have help you to improve your productiveness.



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