11 Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

This post is all about ways to save money on a tight budget!

Money is something that we all depend on. It allows you to put food on the table and provides a place to sleep – whether you’re a party of one or have family members who rely on you (fur-babies count!), money is at the forefront of almost everyones mind.  

Although some might view money as bad or ‘evil,’ that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Beyond allowing you to buy clothes, pay the bills, and even get from point A to point B, it can provide the financial freedom we all crave and allow us to give back to the community. 

However, money does not grow on trees – and most people do find themselves working with a tight budget and living paycheck to paycheck.

The great news is, it is possible to save money even when your budget is tight.

I have found some of the most effective ways to save money on a tight budget.

Each of these tips will help you save a little money each month – even though each saving may seem small, remember that they will count up to bigger savings, especially over a longer period of time.

Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

Consider A Cheaper Internet Service Provider

The Internet has become a necessity for literally everyone today – but the costs at some internet service providers can be ridiculously high.

Unfortunately, many people do postpone the process of looking for a cheaper provider – but this means you might be paying more than you should for your current internet access.

Start by considering how much you are paying and what you get for that price.

Then look at a few alternative options in your area – compare prices and see if you can find a cheaper provider that can give you similar services and features.

Don’t be scared to call your provider and negotiate a better deal. Sometimes just saying the magical ‘c’ word (cancel!) will have them slashing your monthly payments in half. 

Switch To A Television Streaming Service

Who has cable anymore?! 

If you have cable TV or another similar option, then you should consider switching to an online streaming service instead.

Trust me, you will find your favorite shows (or better ones!) if you switch, plus your wallet will thank you.

There are many options that you can choose from – Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime are only a couple of examples.

Even if you get all four. of them, it will cost a lot less than cable TV. Combined with an unlimited internet plan, this can definitely lower your expenses significantly.

Get An Energy Saving Power Adaptor

When turning off your computer or television, they will usually enter a standby mode. This means they are still using electricity even if they’re off.

Instead of just turning them off, consider unplugging them completely – or make a small investment in a power strip with an on/off switch

These power strips will usually be able to cut off power from devices that are turned off completely. This can help to reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill.

Buy Groceries In Bulk

Groceries are generally expensive – many people find that they can quickly exceed the budget that has been set out for monthly food.

This is actually another area where you can save – by deciding to buy groceries in bulk.

There are many foods that you can buy in bulk.

Condiments, pasta, rice, and even meat can sometimes be bought in bulk. This way, you can pay a reduced price for larger packs of food – and be prepared for the entire month (sometimes longer).

Buy Toiletries In Bulk

Just as buying groceries in bulk can be a great way to save, you should also consider the option of buying your toiletries in bulk.

Instead of opting for a small 375ml bottle of shampoo and conditioner, rather consider making a larger investment into a one-liter bottle of both.

This way, you do pay more initially, but you will ultimately save money, and these products will last you longer.

Wholesale club memberships aren’t pricey and you really do get a good bang for your buck. Plus, you can always split it with friends and family.

Take Advantage Of Price Comparison Apps

Prices can differ a lot between two different stores – and this is something you need to consider if you are looking to save money.

Look at a few price comparison apps that can give you access to pricing on various products from multiple suppliers.

When you go out shopping, enter the products you want to shop for in the app. It will then give you an overview of which shops in your area sell these products, along with updated prices from each vendor.

Use Cash-Back Programs

Cash-back websites are a great tool that many don’t take advantage of!

Sites like Ebates give you cash-back from your online purchases. It’s very simple to do, just create an account and shop through the site to get the cash-back. 

If you do the grand bulk of your shopping online, these sites are a MUST for saving money.

Compare Cell-Phone Providers

We all know about cell phone providers like Verizon Sprint, and AT&T, and although they are great they are also ridiculously overpriced!

Nowadays, most of the ‘smaller’ cell phone providers use the same lines as the bigger guys, so the quality is just as good for half the price. 

Plus, most of us are almost always connected to wifi so we don’t need to pay such a huge price for unlimited data.

If you don’t have a contract or it’s ending soon, make sure to check your options and compare providers. You might be able to slash your phone bill by more than half!

Companies like Tello offer unlimited everything for $39 a month and use Sprint’s network, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price.

Try Meatless Mondays

A lot of people eat meat multiple times a day. You don’t have to go vegan or vegetarian, but there is no need to eat meat every day.

Lets face it – meat is an expensive type of food, after all.

Consider only including meat in a few meals every week – perhaps on three or four days of the week.

Focus on getting your nutrients from vegetables and fruit during the other days of the week. Try some crockpot vegan recipes that you can set and forget.

Consider Free Events And Activities

Going out to the movies is fun, sure, but a single trip can get quite pricey. You need movie tickets and (if you’re anything like me) some snacks.

There are a bunch of free activities that you can participate in without blowing your budget.

Take a look at some free activities in your area – consider paying a visit to the museum, for example. 

I’m not saying don’t go to movies and concerts, but try to find some ‘budget-friendly’ alternatives for your Friday nights. 

Party At Home

A night at a bar may sound like fun, but you are likely to spend quite a few dollars on drinks. 

Instead of going out to the bar or club, another great way to save money (without sacrificing your social life) would be to party at home instead.

Get a few friends over and ask them to bring their own drinks. Go out to a local liquor shop and buy your own alcohol.

You can get a full bottle of alcohol for the price of a single round at the club – plus, there will be more to go around.

Get creative and throw a Taco Tuesday party with your gal-pals! It’s sure to be an unique night (don’t forget to include the piñata!)


When money is tight, saving on your expenses may seem almost impossible. With some planning, however, it is definitely possible to reduce your money expenses.

In turn, you will find that making ends meet becomes easier, and you might even have some extra money to put away into a savings account.

Consider the nine ways to save money on a tight budget we shared in this post to help you reduce your expenses on a month-to-month basis.

11 ways to save money when you have a TIGHT budget. Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful, there are a couple of frugal living tips and tricks you can use to get the most bang for your buck. Perfect for anyone who is trying to cut expenses  #budget #budgeting #savemoney #frugal #money #moneysavingtips
11 ways to save money when you have a TIGHT budget. Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful, there are a couple of frugal living tips and tricks you can use to get the most bang for your buck. Perfect for anyone who is trying to cut expenses  #budget #budgeting #savemoney #frugal #money #moneysavingtips

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