6 Ways To Save Money On Your Skincare Routine

Featured Image: Audrey_Borely


I completely understand the pain of spending too much on beauty products, especially if these products are for your skincare routine. It is like a bad joke trying to find what works and what doesn’t, and in the past my skin and my wallet has suffered the consequences. That’s the reason why I felt entitled to offer you some tips on how to save money on skincare routine. These are some of the experiments I have tried over the years to mitigate the pimples of my face and the desperate cryings of my empty wallet. Do you want to know them? Let’s begin.


Go to a dermatologist.


Perhaps it seems counter-intuitive but visiting a dermatologist should be the first step you take. Nobody is going to offer you a better diagnosis of your skin than a doctor. Yes, I’ll admit it, the first consultation will feel like you’re leaving all your savings behind, but it will be completely worth it. A dermatologist will conduct a proper examination, this way he will be able to tell you what’s happening on your skin. If it’s a medical condition that needs constant check-ups, then you will have to return now and then. Now, if it’s something less severe, your dermatologist will give you some advice on products you can try for mitigating your skin problems. Try to ask him about the components of the products and how do they work on your skin. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! No one better than a doctor to respond all your inquiries. I mean, it’s better than Dr. Google, right?


Even if you don’t have any skin concerns, but you just want to prevent, a dermatologist can teach you how to take care of your skin the right way. I never really had much acne or breakouts, just one or two zits plus I wanted to start getting a head start on preventive care (wrinkles, crows feet, etc.) and my dermatologist taught me exactly what would help my skin and what ingredients to look for when purchasing, for example, sunscreen.


Take your appointment like a learning experience and take notes! My skin looks better than ever thanks to some of the suggestions my derm has given me. You don’t have to take all of them, of coure, you can pick and choose.


Get samples of products and try it on your skin first.


I always remember getting into my mom’s bedroom and watching a pile of product’s sample she kept. For a while, I thought she was a hoarder, but it wasn’t until I had to live alone when I realized how creative her technique was. Turns out, having samples of any beauty product lets you know if they work on you before you decide to buy it because samples are F-R-E-E. Isn’t this smart? As smart as saving money! Apply this step before purchasing skincare products. Don’t run away from the person that’s offering you the samples, instead be her best friend. Additionally, you must become the best friend of your skin too. How do you do that? By trying the sample products on small portions of your skin. Before you get the actual product, you must know how does it affect you. Don’t go on buying the expensive product and trying all over your skin at once! I beg you not to. If the reaction is adverse, you’re going to spend tears of distress and even more money on trying to fix the problem the product caused.


Almost all high-end stores allow you to take samples home. Don’t be shy, these products sometimes cost $50+ and if you want to test it out first, you have that right. I have walked out of a Sephora with one mascara and 8 samples of cleansers, exfoliaters, and night creams. No ones judging you.


Compare different brands and prices.


So maybe you don’t want to wait two weeks for an appointment with a dermatologist. Or you don’t want little samples that run out in a week. Then, my advice to you is to head online over to sephora.com or youtube and start reading and/or watching reviews. It might get difficult when there are so many products available that have the same components and characteristics, and that’s why I recommend you to compare brands and prices. If you want a more personal touch, you can talk to an esthetician at a store and ask for their thoughts and recommendations. Collect all these information and then compare prices.

A product being costly doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results for you. Furthermore, don’t get the cheap product just because it’s inexpensive. What’s cheap can turn out to be expensive at the end, especially if the product has negative results on your skin. Research and compare.



Get products that are essential for a skincare routine.


Not every product that you have heard of is essential for your skincare routine.  You must follow the recommendations of your dermatologist and the results of your research. You will most likely get to the conclusion that these products are essential: cleanser, exfoliators, moisturizers, sunscreen and facial masks. These are the vital products everybody should use in their skincare routine. Big companies create many products and es, some are nice and might leave your skin soft, but they’re not essential.

Focus on the Big Five when starting out – Cleansers. Exfoliaters. Moisturizers. Sunscreen. Facial Mask.

Remember every need is specific; for example, the cleanser that works on you might not be the one that works on your best friend; this is the reason why I cannot emphasize the importance of going to the doctor and trying samples first. Its essential, girl!


Try natural-based products.


There are so many DIY products you can try for relieving the damage of your skin. This idea is great if you’re on a low budget, but you need some of the essential products I have mentioned above. Usually, these products have natural ingredients you can find in any supermarket. We all know natural-based products are more gentle on the skin. Moreover,  the secondary effects these products might cause are not as harmful.


Eat well!


Trust me; I know this recommendation is going to help you immensely because I have applied it at firsthand. Just as with exercise, having a proper skincare routine doesn’t do anything if you’re eating tons and tons of junk food. I mean, you could be going to the doctor, trying samples, doing research but if you don’t pay attention to what you eating and the side effects of it then what are you even doing? You must eat right and drink a lot of water if you wish to see any result on your skin. Besides, eating junk food is also a bad monetary decision. You will spend money on products that are addictive, meaning you will repurchase it, again, and again. Let’s change that now! Follow a proper eating routine that will help your skincare routine pop out.


There you have it! These are my recommendations for keeping a good skincare routine on a budget. Take your time while applying these steps, remember you’re going to notice the lasting effects of a good skincare routine over time.