10 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Are Ruining Your Diet

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If you are trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve cleaned out your cupboard of all the junk. All the chips, cookies, processed things we can’t seem to get away from. But did you know there are some ‘healthy’ things that might be holding you back.

On top of regular exercise, these are 10 healthy foods that are very high in calories and can be keeping you from reaching your goal.


Gluten Free 

Just because something is gluten free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Unless you are Celiac, you would be better off grabbing the gluten option. Most gluten free breads and pastas have double the calories of the regular stuff and no added benefits.


Protein Bars

I’m completely guilty of this one. I probably have one protein bar a day (every day), but I make sure it’s not the ones that are a complete sugar bomb.

Read the label and make sure you know what you are putting in your body. I normally opt for the Cookies & Cream Quest Bar as it has zero sugar.

Many protein bars are honestly just a candy bar with protein, so you have to be careful you don’t just grab the one that looks yummiest.


Take Out Salad


Salad are probably what most of us associate with healthy and weight loss, but unless you are making it yourself at home, it can have a lot of hidden calories in the vinaigrette or the cheese.

Did you know the Bistro Salad available pre-packaged from Einstein Bros. Bagels contains 68 grams of fat and 820 calories! Add chicken and it goes up to 940 calories.

Here’s how some pre-packaged Chicken Caesar salads from popular restaurants measure up:

 CaloriesSodium (mgs)Fat (gms)
Cheesecake Factory976923100
Einstein Bros. Bagels820229066
Paradise Bakery670127055
Boston Market800177062
Whole Foods33081020
Trader Joe’s5303708




Nuts are considered healthy, and for the most part they are. They are high in fat but they’re good for your heart and full of nutrition, but you have to be very careful of your portions.

They are however very calorie dense. It is very easy to eat 500-1000 kcals of nuts in one sitting without realizing it.

Walnuts have approximately 160 calories per quarter cup; pistachios and pecans have about 170 calories, and peanuts and cashews have about 200 calories.


Low-Calorie Yogurts

The lowest-calorie option isn’t always the healthiest option for you long-term . The King of junk food in disguise, yogurt may be one of the worst offenders. Some ultra-low-cal yogurts cut back on sugar and fat but replace them with artificial sweeteners and thickeners. Not all calories are built the same, check the label before purchasing.



Smoothies and Juices

This one is similar to the prepackaged salads. If you are purchasing your smoothies and juices from a shop, you probably don’t have an accurate count of the calories and sugar in the smoothie.

You would be much better off purchasing a juicer or blender and making it yourself. Both your health and wallet will thank you.


Dry Fruit


Just because it’s fruit, we assume it’s good for us, but  dry fruit are packed with added sugar to make them so sweet. You are much better off grabbing some fresh berries or apples. Fresh fruit has much more nutrients and fiber to keep you full longer. Definitely limit you dry fruit intake if you have a weightloss goal in mind.




Depending on the brand and what it’s made of, granola can be incredibly calorie dense., plus high in fat and sugar. Most granola is made of oats, nut, and seeds—all nutrient rich ingredients—but chocolate chips and sugary syrups can add serious calories to store-bought options.





A large avocado can contain as many as 400 calories and although they are undeniably packed with health qualities, containing essential nutrients such as potassium, B-vitamins, and folic acid.

However even a healthy fruit like avocado is best to eat in moderation.




Like smoothies, not all sushi’s are created equally. Sushi comes in a variety of tastes and forms. Some are low in calories and high in protein making them perfect for someone looking to lose weight while still enjoying eating out, however, once you start adding the cream cheese, spicy mayo, tempura flakes, etc. you’re adding an extra 100 kcals to your roll easily. Those calories add up quickly.

Try sticking to vegetables and lean fish in your sushi rolls, these will best help you reach your dieting goals while also being delicious.



10 Healthy Foods Ruining Your Diet. Are you struggling to lose weight? Perhaps you're eating all the 'healthy' food but you still cant get in shape. Here are 10 'healthy' foods that are wreaking havoc on your diet plans. #healthy #weightloss