Gift Ideas for Mothers Day She’ll Actually Love

We all want to buy our moms round trip tickets to Europe for a dream vacation. Or perhaps an exclusive spa weekend getaway in the Caribbean. Those are always option A, but if you’re a little tight on cash, these gifts are a great option B.


1. This tote bag, for the on-the-go mom who always travels with a million and one things.

tote bag pink mothers day

Review : “I love this bag. It was everything I wanted. I use it for work and put folders, files, magzines, and odds and ends in it for my job. It is soft, and lightweight and the color is gorgeous. It didn’t come with any funny smells.” – Kristi



2. A Kindle Paperwhite for the Mom that wants to read on the go.

My mom owns a Kindle Paperwhite and she absolutely loves it. She always has a a book on hand, if she finished the book on her commute, she can just purchase another one right from the train station. Give your mom the gift of knowledge and hours of enjoyment!



Review: “I’m a Prime Member and their customer service is second to none. NOW on to the Kindle Paperwhite…

I have an iPad Air and LOVE it. I downloaded a ton books over the years and I rarely ended up reading them. Why? Size in my hands and the glare when reading outside. I took a chance and got the Kindle. Guess what? I’m reading all the time! I read at the beach. I read on the throne (TMI), and I even started reading when I go to bed (again after many years).

It takes a little getting used to regarding the navigation of the device but the helpful digital how-to booklet included got me on my way quickly. Honestly I really love this device. It’s the perfect size in my hand, zero glare, lightweight but sturdy, great battery life, yada, yada, yada. I miss the colors of the iPad but there’s also something old school and soulful having it be in black and white. I’ll call it Digital Nostalgia, (I just made that up).

I read some reviews about the screen being beige, etc. Mine has none of that. It works great and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend.” – Kevy Drummer



3. An insulated water bottle for keeping her drinks cold at the beach or on a hike


insulated water bottle


Review : “This is a fantastic water bottle. It’s large (I got the 25 oz), but still fits in my larger cup holder in my car. It’s sturdy – I’ve dropped it once, but no scratches or dents yet (I got the Waterman Grey). I fill it in the morning with water and a few ice cubes (usually somewhere around 6), and it always has ice by the end of the day, even though I leave it out. Most importantly, it’s easy to clean. I’ve been using Contigo and Camelback water bottles up until this point, and both develop algae in nooks and crannies that are almost impossible to clean.
This water bottle did have a metallic taste to it initially, which I suffered through for two days before filling it with a 1:1 mix of water and white vinegar and letting it sit overnight – problem solved!” – Nadak


4. A beautiful Orchid for the Mom with a green thumb


orchid mothers day gift

I don’t recommend buying an Orchid online, at least I never have. Just go to a local nursery or the garden section of a hardware store.

The reviews for purchasing online are pretty decent. But $45.00 for an orchid is kinda steep. I get some beautiful orchids in my area for around $10 – $15 depending on the kind


Review: “Ordered this orchid on Amazon and WOW! The plant itself is so fresh and beautiful with as many blooms as you see pictured, the color is vibrant, and the packaging was so secure and well done that all we had to do was take it out of the box and it was ready for display. We were most impressed with how fresh the blooms looked– as if we had picked it up from a nursery that day. We also appreciated the care instructions that were included. We would order again from this shop again.” – Chris



5. A pair of these Satin Pajamas for the Mom that loves a lazy Sunday


satin pajamas mothers day gift idea


Okay, I’m probably going to buy two of these. One for my mom and one for myself. They look so comfy, I’ll probably never leave the house.


Review: “Best and most comfortable PJs I have ever owned. Bought 3 pair, so I always have clean ones, Low maintenance, machine washable, lightweight for travel and do not show stains. Fabric feels really good on my skin. All of that and a great price too!” – Izzy Felder


6. This Air Fryer for the health conscious Mom that still wants to treat her self


mothers day gift air fryer


I kind of hate the idea of getting my mom something for the kicthen. I feel like its similar to getting her a vacuum or a broom, but my mom owns an Air Fryer and she RAVES about it. She’s absolutely obsessed with the thing and has convinced numerous girlfriends to purchase one too. If my mom loves it, maybe yours will too!


Review : “I wanted an alternative to deep frying and decided to get the DASH rapid air fryer. It works great without the need of using so much oil. Works as advertised and is a prefect size. Even my awesome chef of a boyfriend loves it! Highly recommended.” – Halie


7. Surprising your Mom with Breakfast in Bed and a Movie




This one is very dependent upon whether or not you live with your mom. If you do, this is a cliche for a reason! There’s no better way for a mom to wake up than with her kids around her with pancakes, eggs, toast and the sweet smell of coffee! Bring her breakfast and then maybe pop in a DVD and watch a movie together. It’s such a nice way to spend the morning with your mom.




I get it. Gifting is sometimes hard and stressful. And how can we encompass all the love and appreciation we have for our moms with a simple gift?
So whatever it is you decide on giving her, my honest recommendation is to just spend time with your mom!
Go to a Movie
Go out to Lunch.
Plan a fun filled day.
Gifts are nice, but memories are much more important at the end of the day.
And if you don’t live near your mom, then just have an extra long FaceTime call and catch up!
Just make sure you go out of your way to make her feel special
Hope you all have a great Mothers Day!