10 Easy Ways To Get Fit At Home (No Gym Required!)

As a previous group fitness class junkie, the idea of only being able to workout from home when I started traveling was terrifying. Surprisingly, not only did I enjoy home workouts, but I got stronger, and the stress around fitness dissolved.

So whether it’s 2020 and you’re stuck in quarantine or your finances or schedule changed- fear not. Getting and staying fit does not require a gym membership and it’s easier than you think.

Here are ten tips to help your fitness journey, with little more than wifi required..

How To Get Fit At Home

1. Create A Schedule

People love fitness classes because it’s a set time keeping them accountable. Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean you can’t have a schedule.

Every Sunday, I sit down for twenty minutes and map out my workouts. I set the time, date and workout. Pick a time where you can’t make excuses to skip it and plug it in your calendar.

2. Get an Accountability Buddy

Let’s be honest- sometimes a calendar alert isn’t enough. Maybe you love the social aspect of working out and miss the support that the gym brings.

You don’t have to lose that at home. Pick a friend and create a routine. I often do a yoga or ab challenge with someone.

Not only does this keep us motivated but it also connects us
. If you don’t think your friends will join, utilize the internet.

There is no shortage of online fitness communities to join. All it takes is a quick DM and you’re connected.

3. Switch It Up

It’s easy to get into a routine but when it comes to fitness, that usually leads to plateaus, physical and mental.

I did the same workout for three years and stopped seeing results until I started trying new things.

Our exercise routines should evolve with us. The beauty of home workouts is that no one can see you so you don’t need to be self conscious about trying something new.

You’re also not locked into a membership, or investing much money, so there’s no risk in trying a variety of workouts.

4. Create a Space You Want to Spend Time In

I have spent months working out between the two feet between my wall and the side of my bed. You really need very little to do a lot.

However, that’s not exactly inspiring or comfortable. Whatever your living situation, you should designate a space for your workouts and make it a space you enjoy.

I like to choose an area of my apartment with lots of light, and a view of the outdoors.

5. Invest in the Bare Essentials

I’ve spent two years using cans of chickpeas or bottles of wine as hand weights but you don’t need to do that if you’re not living out of a suitcase.

While you don’t need equipment to stay fit there are a few things to consider getting to add an extra challenge to your workouts. These are my favorites, and they don’t break the bank:

If you can invest in something, invest in a mat. Many companies offer a huge variety and price range. My favorite mats are made by Manduka, and you can order directly on amazon, ranging from $30-$110 USD.

6. Value Your Rest

Less is not more when it comes to sleep and rest. The best way to take care of your body and see results is to get quality sleep every night and to have genuine rest days.

Don’t overdo it and your body will respond. You don’t need to exercise everyday and you don’t need to exercise for hours.

7. Live an Active Life

I realized while traveling that the little things I did daily mattered more than hours at the gym.

I continued to get in better shape despite halving my workouts. Why? Because I was so active! Without a car, I was walking everywhere within reason and I wasn’t sitting all day.

If you have to spend your workdays sitting and driving is your main mode of transport, you can still make changes.

Take the stairs when you can, park further away. Stand while working if possible, or take quick breaks walking around the room. Don’t drive if you could walk.

Just get yourself off the couch when possible.

8. Don’t Buy It If You Don’t Need It

Food isn’t the focus here because everyone is different and your eating habits are yours. Do you.

The most useful thing I’ve learned, however, is that what I keep in the house makes or breaks my habits.

While traveling, I drastically cut down my snacking. I used to have a stocked snack drawer and I would eat it faster than I care to admit.

Now I only buy one or two of my favorites and once devoured, I don’t buy more. There’s no internal debate to eat more when it’s not there.

If there are things that aren’t working for you- get rid of it. No one’s saying never eat it, just don’t have it at home. Why drive yourself crazy when you don’t have to?

9. Take Advantage of Youtube

While I definitely utilize paid online workout subscriptions (hello, barre3), most online studios offer free trials and I encourage you to try before committing.

My favorite resource though is Youtube. It’s free and fun. While there are endless youtube channels to explore, these are my favorites:

PopSugar Fitness

They use some of the most sought after trainers to lead each workout. The variety is unbeatable and the quality is fantastic. You will sweat, guaranteed.

Yoga with Adrienne

She offers a variety of no frills yoga classes with great sequences and straight to the point titles so you don’t waste time choosing a class. Bonus: her cute dog makes daily cameos.

10. Find a Purpose

Last but not least, ask yourself why are you working out? Why is this important for you? Find a reason to stay motivated.

If your goal is to “get flat abs” you might get discouraged if these results don’t happen overnight or ever.

Fitness has been a part of my life for 15 years because I love the way movement makes me feel.

I feel the difference in energy and the empowerment it gives me. If fitness is enjoyable instead of a form of torture, your whole outlook on your body and life will change.

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Getting fit without a gym membership isn’t impossible! In fact, it’s quite easy to stay in shape with home workouts when you follow these easy tips. Lose weight and get lean while staying home #workingout #athomefitness #homeworkout
Getting fit without a gym membership isn’t impossible! In fact, it’s quite easy to stay in shape with home workouts when you follow these easy tips. Lose weight and get lean while staying home #workingout #athomefitness #homeworkout

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