10 Daily Habits Of Frugal People

10 Daily Habits of Frugal People – Money saving habits that will change your life and help you to finally live frugally no matter your income!


Many people appear to be more and more interested in a frugal lifestyle these days. At times (like during the Great Depression), being frugal wasn’t an option.

Nowadays, most of us do have the option of how we want to live and spend our money, so is it surprising that so many are choosing to be frugal and stretch their money as much as possible?

Some people view frugal living as extreme, I personally don’t. I think it is a middle of the road. Somewhere between spending everything you make and saving everything you make. Frugal to me means, enjoying your present-life but preparing for your future. What’s extreme about that?

I would never advocate you to get one hundred coupon books, put 90% of your income into savings, and stop buying deodorant to save money. That’s not frugality, that’s insanity.

Here are 10 real habits of frugal people anyone can adopt. If you’re a big spender, start with slow, maybe one or two on the list, as you develop better spending (and saving) habits.


Frugal People Repair


Years ago, we weren’t such a throw-away society. When one thing broke, we didn’t immediately run off to the store to purchase a shiny new product to replace it.

Do you throw away things once they’re slightly damaged? I used to throw away clothes if they got even the smallest tear. Nowadays, I have learned to sew! I won’t be designing an elegant ball gown anytime soon, but I have been able to save numerous pieces in my wardrobe without having to spend a dime.

Same with electronics, it’s much cheaper to hire someone to come fix your dishwasher than it is to go out and buy a brand new one A lot of the time, things are fixable (if you hire the right people) and you can save yourself thousands.


Frugal People Value Quality


This one might be a surprise to you, but frugal people buy quality. Frugal doesn’t mean cheap.

One simple example is clothes, I would rather buy a dress for $100 that will last years and years over buying one for $30 that will need to be thrown out in six months. That’s my logic with my wardrobe, I buy high-quality staples and that allows me to spend less on clothes in the long run.

The same can be said of tools and electronics. If you’re in the market for a refrigerator, do you spend an extra $100 on a reliable and trustworthy brand that last years? Or do you get the cheaper alternative that will have you visiting the store again in two years? Or spending money on repairmen sooner than necessary?

Think Quality When Making Purchases. How long will this product last? Will I need to replace it soon? If I spend a little more money today, will it last longer tomorrow?



Frugal People Use Every Drop


We are masters at getting the last little bit of toothpaste out. We don’t throw anything away unless we are 100% certain it’s been completely used and there is no more product left.

You can save yourself a decent amount of money simply by scraping every little last bit out of a product. Especially things like creams and shampoos, most are so overpriced you can’t leave any little bit.


Frugal People Plan Their Meals


Do you ever get home from work and have a fridge full of food but nothing to eat? And you didn’t think ahead to what you were going to make, so now you’re just starving and lazy so you order takeout and call it a day? How much money are you spending on takeout? Or how much food is going to waste becaus you haven’t gotten around to making it?

Frugal people always have a meal plan. They sit down Sunday (or whenever) and decide what they will eat for the week, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then buy groceries based on the menu.

They don’t buy groceries and then decide what to make of it!

  • If you are just getting started meal planning and don’t have any idea how to go about it, there’s this great website called $5 Meal Plans that sends you a weekly meal plan along with a grocery list for only $5 a month! It’s a great way to get started and has helped me in the past get out of a cooking rut with some fresh, new ideas. Get your first two weeks FREE.



They Say ‘No” Now, So They Can Say ‘Yes’ Later


Frugal people understand the value of delayed gratification. We are willing to make sacrifices now to live the life we want later.

Saying no to things doesn’t mean you’re broke or boring, it simply means you don’t want to spend your time and energy on small, insignificant things. You would rather save for the more important things in life. Frugal People set themselves up for the ability to save more and invest more, regardless of their income.

Saying no to things allows you to live within your means. Many frugal people live between 50%-80% of their income.



Frugal People Buy Bulk


It’s much cheaper and more convenient to buy nonperishables in bulk. Buying large, or multiple, items at a local Costco, Sams Club, Or BJ’s saves you time and money down the line. You save money per unit, especially when paired with coupons. Buying in bulk is especially a great option if you have a big family and room to store the goods,

You’re also saving money on gas since you don’t have to make so many shopping trips.



They Never Leave Cash On The Table


Frugal people make sure to check (and double check) any opportunities to save money. They check coupon books and use free services to get cashback.

No matter if online shopping, or at a store, always google ‘store name + coupon’ before checking out. This little trick has saved me thousands throughout the years.


  • Ebates – The best cashback website on the internet



Frugal People Don’t Shop When Bored


A lot (and I mean a lot) of people shop simply because they’re bored. Frugal people don’t do this.

In fact, most frugal people have productive hobbies. Personally, my hobbies including blogging, reading, and painting.

I don’t pull out my credit card when I have nothing to do nor do I head to my mall to ‘window shop,’ I simply start a new blog post or read a new chapter in my book. If you find yourself online shopping or your local mall more often than you’d care to admit, find a new and productive hobby that can add more substance and enriches your life (vs. shopping that adds more debt and crap).



Frugal People Have An Emergency Fund


On a monthly basis, frugal people are putting some money aside ‘just in case.’ You never know what could be lurking around a corner, and it’s always better to be overprepared than under. An emergency fund acts a safety net when unexpected expenses arise. Financial experts advise for emergency funds to cover three to six months of living expenses.

Frugal people are aware they can be laid off or something equally bad outside their control and they plan accordingly for such events.


Frugal People Are Always Learning 


Frugal people are always learning about money and money management. Chances are, if you visit a frugal persons home, they will have a bookshelf with a couple of money self-help books that have helped them learn how to manage their money.

they also read money blogs and are always educating themselves.

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught much about money in school. It’s a bit of a taboo topic, so most of our money habits are learned from watching our parents and educating ourselves. Do yourself a favor and read at least one money book a month. Just one. Set that goal for yourself and you will see your entire life change slowly.


10 Daily Habits of Frugal People – Money saving habits that will change your life and help you to finally live frugally no matter your income! Adopt these 10 frugal living habits to live more with less! #frugalliving #money #savemoney #frugal

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