10 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

Oh, the metabolism. That holy process that controls the number of calories we burn throughout the day. Everybody wants to have a super fast metabolism to rock out that summer body. Increasing your metabolism is a process that takes work and patience. Here are 10 metabolism hacks you NEED to know


Try a High-Intensity Workout.


What is a High-Intensity Workout? Also known as HIIT, this type of workout involves short but strong periods of activity followed by easier ones. A High-Intensity Workout makes your heart run faster once you’re in the intense period and later your body is going to ask for more oxygen during the recovery periods which means: higher calorie burning. HIIT helps burns calories in your body even after the exercise is over. Moreover, HIIT workouts help you to burn out the extra fat your body is longing to lose. The best thing about a HIIT workout, is it is QUICK. You can get a great HIIT session in about 15-20 minutes.  I recommend you to mix this workout with other types of exercises such as lifting weights and yoga.


Make some muscle.


Try a weight lifting routine to gain more muscles. The process of developing muscles is great for accelerating the metabolism since it demands more from your body. It has been proven that using weights in your routine is better for burning calories than for burning fat.  On top of that, creating more muscle forces your body to burn calories even when it’s resting. NOTE: don’t try lifting weights without the help of a professional if you haven’t done it before. A professional trainer will recommend you which weights and routines you should try. Once you’re an expert on the matter, try applying this knowledge at least four times a week and with different parts of your body: arms, legs, glutes, and abdomen, etc.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


And this is the greatest advice someone could give you, especially when you’re trying to boost up your metabolism. When you don’t eat a proper breakfast, your body tries to keep all the calories because it thinks “starvation mode” has arrived. If your body goes into this state, not a single calorie will be burned and that’s why eating breakfast as soon as you wake up it’s great for your metabolism.

On top of that, if you skip breakfast you are much more likely to binge later on in the day.


Eat more protein.


As explained before, eating is essential for increasing the speed of your metabolism, but eating protein every meal powers-ups your metabolism like you have no idea. Protein increases your metabolic rate by about 15 to 30 percent. It has been proven that eating more protein prevents you from overeating other types of food such as carbohydrates and fats that do not help your metabolism as much as proteins do. If you want to include more proteins in your diet, try protein shakes and protein bars as a snacks.


Become Omega 3’s biggest fan.


Eating tons of fish such as tuna and salmon is probably the greatest option if you’re doing weights and trying to increase your metabolism. These type of fats make you feel completely full and not indulge in overeating. Furthermore, these fishes are filled with Omega-3 and Vitamin D which will help you to reduce inflammation and balance your blood sugar. But, why are all these possibilities important? Because they help you in regulating your metabolism as it should be. If your not a huge fan of fish, try eating more walnuts and eggs since these products have tons of Omega 3 too.


Drink a lot of water.


Water is the real source of life. Our bodies are made from at least 60% water, so there’s nothing weird in saying that water helps your metabolism become faster and better. A recent research made by the University of Utah found out that people who drank from 8 to 12 glasses of water a day had a higher metabolism than those who only drank 4 glasses of water. Furthermore, when drinking cold water you’re forcing your body to burn off extra calories by heating the water to the temperature of your body. In conclusion: drink a lot of cold water!


And try to drink less alcohol.


Hate to break this news for you. Alcohol can be so much fun but every alcoholic drink has calories. The sweeter and tastier the drink the more calories you’re unnecessarily adding to your body and the more difficult it would be for your body to burn them. Hey, I am not saying you should give up alcohol altogether, we all know how fun it is being with friends and having some drinks. My recommendation would be to drink less alcohol or trying less caloric drinks such as a vodka tonic or a glass of Pinot Noir.


Have you tried green tea before?


Green tea is a powerful option for boosting your metabolism. It has been proven that green tea does a great job at burning unnecessary fats of your body. Studies show that those that drink green tea burn an extra 70 – . It’s  calories a day due to the antioxidant. Isn’t that incredible?! Drink green tea and watch those calories go.


Go organic.


Nonorganic foods can cause a mess in your body! Remember these types of food is filled with pesticides and chemicals that your body won’t process in a million years. I highly recommend you to try eating more organic food. You will be helping your body make a complete recovery from all the damaging food you have been eating so, in retribution, your body is going to boost up your metabolism up to the skies.


Get a good night sleep.


Hit the sack as early as you can and get a good night sleep. When we sleep for less than 7 hours our body’s mass index increases. Why does this happen? It happens because our body doesn’t produce the proper amount of hormones that regulate appetite and energy.


These are some of the best tips you will find out there for increasing the speed of your metabolism. Try them out and let me know if these recommendations work out for you!



10 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism



10 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism